rabbitmq-c  0.2
C AMQP Client library for RabbitMQ
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Data Fields
amqp_pool_t Struct Reference

A memory pool. More...

#include <amqp.h>

Data Fields

size_t pagesize
 the size of the page in bytes.
amqp_pool_blocklist_t pages
 blocks that are the size of pagesize
amqp_pool_blocklist_t large_blocks
 allocations larger than the pagesize
int next_page
 an index to the next unused page block
char * alloc_block
 pointer to the current allocation block
size_t alloc_used
 number of bytes in the current allocation block that has been used

Detailed Description

A memory pool.

Field Documentation

size_t amqp_pool_t::pagesize

the size of the page in bytes.

allocations less than or equal to this size are allocated in the pages block list allocations greater than this are allocated in their own block in the large_blocks block list

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