rabbitmq-c  0.2
C AMQP Client library for RabbitMQ
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Data Fields
amqp_frame_t Struct Reference

An AMQP frame. More...

#include <amqp.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t frame_type
 frame type.
amqp_channel_t channel
 the channel the frame was received on
union {
   amqp_method_t   method
 a method, use if frame_type == AMQP_FRAME_METHOD
   struct {
      uint16_t   class_id
 the class for the properties
      uint64_t   body_size
 size of the body in bytes
      void *   decoded
 the decoded properties
      amqp_bytes_t   raw
 amqp-encoded properties structure
   }   properties
 message header, a.k.a., properties, use if frame_type == AMQP_FRAME_HEADER
   amqp_bytes_t   body_fragment
 a body fragment, use if frame_type == AMQP_FRAME_BODY
   struct {
      uint8_t   transport_high
      uint8_t   transport_low
      uint8_t   protocol_version_major
      uint8_t   protocol_version_minor
   }   protocol_header
 Used only when doing the initial handshake with the broker, don't use otherwise.
 the payload of the frame

Detailed Description

An AMQP frame.

Field Documentation

uint8_t amqp_frame_t::frame_type

frame type.

The types:

  • AMQP_FRAME_METHOD - use the method union member
  • AMQP_FRAME_HEADER - use the properties union member
  • AMQP_FRAME_BODY - use the body_fragment union member

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